Hi my name is (what?) my name is (who?) my name is (chicka, chicka), Sam Franzen! I’ve been married to my hunky serial entrepreneur of a hubby, Brian, for almost a decade, and I’m mama to two beautiful and passionate tiny humans, Mimi-Cakes, 6, and Lu-Bug, 4. 

If my intro didn’t totally give it away, I’ve got a thing for songs. My husband says I have an “audiographic” memory. Music gets stuck in my noggin and seriously NEVER comes back out. I can still spit the lyrics from “Barbie Girl” as well as awkward, acne speckled, 13 year old Sam. There is a song for everything in my life!

One of my greatest joys is motherhood. Especially as there was a time in my life when the prospect of children of my own was bleak. See, I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 19 and told my prognosis was less than favorable. The solution? A complete hysterectomy (AT 19, PEOPLE!) or a lifetime of prescription medications and invasive treatments. 

You could say this became the catalyst for my journey into greater health and wellness. I switched gears, started working with a holistic practitioner, reduced my stress levels, and ate a more balanced and whole foods focused diet, and guess what?! My symptoms continued to improve. I started living my life again. 

Guess what else? After a few more years of “recovery”, a wedding on a beach in Mexico, and a few other life events along the way, I conceived and gave life to my two beautiful baby girls! What an absolute miracle that someone (my amazing mama) stepped in, questioned the status quo, and helped guide me toward a better life than the one I was being promised at 19. 

That’s exactly what this blog is all about, my friends. Being that person. The person who can step in and fill the gap. The person who has questioned the status quo, and is working to guide others toward a healthier more fulfilled life. 

True health and wellness is an inside out job! It’s the food you eat, the way you move your body, the way you talk to yourself (don’t act like you don’t do it!), and the products you’re using in your home and on your skin every single day. My own journey in discovering these things involved a steep learning curve: hours of research, more money in trial and error than I’d like to admit, and a whole lot of people rolling their eyes at me as I began talking about the importance of “gut health” several years ago.

But it’s lead me here, my friends! The journey was at times painful, but the knowledge I acquired was invaluable and while I wouldn’t change any part of this crazy beautiful journey, I sure wish it had been easier! Or that I’d had an encouraging gal pal guiding me and holding my hand saying “You’ve got this mama! Progress, not perfection!” 

You’ll hear me say time and time again, “Knowledge is Power, but Convenience is Key!” And that’s exactly what I’m working to do, simplify the journey towards healthier living for the busy mamas of the world. Consider me that gal pal who is here to help a sista out! Now, “can I get a hallelujah, can I get an amen?” 

All that to say, “Welcome, My Friend!”. I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by. 

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