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Are Your Products Messing With Your Hormones?

Today I want to talk to you about endocrine disrupting chemicals…what they are, why they’re a BIG problem, and then a really easy way you can start kicking them to the curb and reducing your exposure to the nasty little boogers!

So What Are Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals?

Endocrine disrupting chemicals mimic naturally occurring hormones in our body and they’re commonly abbreviated into EDC’s.I’m probably gonna use EDC’s from here out because try saying endocrine disrupting chemicals five times fast. The struggle is real! So let’s talk biology. Our endocrine system regulates our hormones. And if we think of our hormones and their cell receptors as a series of locks and keys, every lock has a key that is it’s perfect fit. And when the key fits, it triggers an important biological process within our body.

What Happens When We’re Exposed to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals?

Well what happens is EDC’s mimic the shape of a naturally occurring hormone…they’re a copy cat—it’s like someone found your identity on “the dark web” MWAH HAHAHA!…but some of them are such good forgeries our bodies actually think they’re “the” hormone and they get through the lock. And in some cases, they hijack the lock all together and just camp out there blocking the real hormone or “key” from linking up with the receptor.

Now I’m no doctor but I do know that almost EVERY SINGLE major process that happens in our bodies is triggered by our hormones. And if you continue to have naturally occurring hormones blocked, or the cell receptor tricked by a fraud, you’re probably gonna wind up with some of those processes “out of wack” to keep this here process real good n’ simplified.  And ultimately what I believe we’re seeing are some MAJOR health issues occurring all around us and to the people we love most. I’m gonna list a few health concerns associated with exposure to EDC’s and as I do, maybe make a tally mark either mentally or on paper for anyone that you can think of that might suffer with one of these conditions…okay…here we go…

  • Infertility or low sperm count
  • Abnormalities in sex organs
  • Endometriosis (Hello, ME! Watch that video here)
  • Early puberty
  • Nervous system function
  • Immune function
  • Cancers
  • Breathing problems
  • Metabolic issues
  • Obesity
  • Heart health
  • Growth, neurological, and learning disabilities

I mean, COME ON! It pains me to try and go on! How many tally marks do you have jotted down? I think it’s really apparent that these little frauds are a big problem in our world.

And here’s the thing that’s the hardest with EDC’s they’re EVERYWHERE—They’re in plastic (even the plastics the say they’re BPA free!), household chemicals, fabrics treated with flame retardants, cosmetics, lotions, products containing fragrance, pesticides, industrial chemicals in the workplace. And worst of all, even within some of those “all natural” products you thought were helping you check this little item off your “list”—marketing gimmicks are alive and well, my friends!

It’s seriously damn near impossible for a person to avoid EDC’s entirely even if they’re REALLY being diligent. And I know when I share information like this is can be overwhelming. But here’s the thing I constantly remind my followers to keep in mind—aim for progress, not perfection! There are A LOT of things that you can do to lower your exposure to EDC’s and one of the easiest things you can do is switch out the products you’re using in your home and on your skin on a daily basis.

How to you know where to start?

I’ve spent a TON of my own time digging through this information and I decided it needed to be SIMPLIFIED! Because let’s be really honest here, most of us barely have enough time to brush our teeth in the morning let alone spend extra time obsessing over product labels…can I get an AMEN?!

So I created a free mini online course called “Detox Your Beauty Routine” that straight up simplifies this process. We discuss the Top 8 worst offending ingredients that you should be avoiding, and I also give you a variety of free resources that will help you find products that are safer and free of EDC’s.

So if you’re ready to start making some changes, and you wanna kick EDC’s to the curb click here, and get yourself started. The information will deliver right to your inbox and it’s intended to empower you to make better, safer choices for yourself and your family. And while I know you might feel a tad overwhelmed right this minute, I always say knowledge is power and when you KNOW better you can DO better. So let’s all do better together!

I’d love to hear how EDC’s have impacted your life. Please share in the comments below!

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