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Equip Your Home Gym Without Breaking the Bank

How to Equip Your Home Gym on the Cheap

Listen up, friend. If you’ve been holding out on starting a good wellness routine because “I can’t dish out thousands to equip a home gym” know your struggle resonates with me in a major way. And yet, ain’t nobody got time for those weak excuses (yep, I just called you out!). 

So today, I wanted to quickly discuss how you can easily equip your home gym and start taking care of yourself without breaking the bank! 

First Up: Cardio Machine

Step one, and the biggest stumbling point for a lot of people is the mechanism for doing the cardio. Am I right? It’s like holy cow, Nordic Track, I’ll be a hard pass on your $3k price tag. 

Here’s what I’ve settled on instead:

I don’t know about you, but I hate running! It’s hard on my body, it hurts my knees, and it throws my pelvis out of alignment every single time I try to do a little “yogging”…cuz we all know the “J” is silent. 

I’ve fallen in love with a really basic stationary bike, and guess what you’re going to love most about it? THE PRICE TAG! This little treasure from Sunny Health & Fitness will run you right at $250 and it’s Prime eligible.

Now this might be a deal breaker for you, but I’m also going to recommend a comfy “saddle” as the cool kids in the biker community call it. It’s just a cushy seat that keeps my sits bones happy AKA my bum from feeling super sore from riding a bike. And I’m being totally sarcastic about it being a deal breaker, because it’s only $25.

So all in, you’re looking at under $300 for a really fantastic piece of equipment for conducting my least favorite form of exercise, cardio. 

Next Up: You’re Gonna Want Some Weights

Yes, even you, Pessimistic Patsy, because lifting is one of the best ways you can build lean muscle, which, guess what, helps your body burn fat! YESSS! I promise you’re not going to “bulk up”. This is another lie you’ve been telling yourself, and hearing from others, that keeps you from achieving your wellness goals. And guess what I have to say to that? STOP IT!

You can go one of two ways here:

Option #1 Assorted Weights

Go to Target, buy a set of 5 pound weights, and a set of 8 pound weights. The weights on average are going to run you about $10 per weight, so you’re looking at $40 bucks to get yourself rockin’ and rollin’ in weight land. 

Another option I’ve heard suggested, go to thrift stores, or scope out your local garage sales because people are ALWAYS getting rid of their weights.

As you get stronger—cuz if you’re lifting that’s going to be a natural byproduct—you’re gonna need to bump those babies up a notch or two. So you’ll need some 10 pound weights and then some 12 pound weights after that.

The downfall here: 1) you have to keep buying more weights 2) your weights have to go somewhere and they’re gonna start taking up space and creating a life of their own (they do what they want!)

Option #2 Adjustable Weights

This is going to be the more expensive up front option, but honestly, not by much if you buy these guys.

Longterm, going this route will help conserve space. And if I’m completely honest, if I went back and did it all over again, I would have sucked it up and purchased these from Amazon.  

And that’s it, you guys!

That is really and truly all you need in order to get a home gym up and running.  And all in, we’re talking under $400 here!

Now are there additional items that would be handy to have? Certainly! A kettle bell would be great. Some resistance bands might be nice. But you can do a solid 30-45 minute workout with just these basic items. 

So there you have it, friends! The short and sweet on how to equip your home gym on the cheap! What do you think? Has the at home gym expense kept you from getting after it in recent years? Let me know in the comments. 

Okay, but now how do I know what workouts to do at home? 

Equipping a home gym is one thing, but actually utilizing said equipment is another. Am I right? You can spend your precious time on Pinterest searching for free at home workouts, but pinning said workouts is NOT the same as actually DOING them. Trust me, I know from experience, dude!

What I would recommend instead is investing in a high quality at home program. It takes all of the guesswork out of “what should I be doing?”. And if you’re anything like me, wherever I can save myself precious time in my busy mom life, I’m in! 

If that sounds like you, I cannot more highly recommend the FASTer Way. It’s a 6 week at home program (though you can also do it at the gym if you’re into that kind of thing) that teaches women what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. But also gives them daily exercise to pair with the nutrition in order to get fantastic results. 

I gave the program the ol’ college try this spring after 2 long years of doing the “on demand“ program from Beachbody, and I fell in love! 

I had been in a total plateau with my wellness journey. And honestly, I was heading the wrong direction—I was getting bigger—so I decided to switch it up. I got the results I’d been hoping for, and loved the education and empowerment focus so much, I got certified through the coaching program and I’m now running my own rounds every 6 weeks. 

Wanna know more?  

Check out this video that covers the ins and outs of the program. 

Wanna get going? 

Sign up for the waitlist for my next round! The waitlist commits you to nothing, but gets you early access to registration. I only allow 10-15 new clients each round, and the spots fly! So you’re gonna be glad you had early access!

Not quite sure? 

I feel you, let’s talk it out, sista! Use this contact form and we can schedule a no strings attached free 30 minute consult. I’ll answer all your questions, and we’ll probably become fast friends! 

Stop waiting for “the right time” to start your wellness journey. The most important gift you can give to your family is caring for yourself.

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