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Everyday Makeup and Hair | 5-Minute Face + 5-Minute Hair

Last week my sweet girls–Mimi-Cakes and Lu-Bug–headed back-to-school. And between wake-up, workout, breakfast, and all that jazz, I’ve got about 10 minutes (MAX!!!) to get myself “put together” in the morning.

I know I’m not alone in the crazy, so I put together this tutorial to walk you through an easy “get ready” routine. All you need is six products, a hair-tie, and a few bobby pins. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Click here to check out more hair inspiration from my friend, Perry. And use this link to shop my “5-Minute Face” (get all 6 products for $148!)

Or if you’re after my 3 favorite products for beating tired mom eyes, click here for concealer, click here for highlighter, click here for eye cream.



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