Get Truly Healthy From The Inside Out

Safer Simplified, a four week online program, will teach you how to make this journey toward healthy living a heck of a lot easier — without breaking the bank or stealing your sanity.

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“I can’t say how much she’s helped to make safer decisions for my family.  If you’re looking to simplify your transition to safer products, she’s your gal!”
-Bridget B.

 This program was designed to make healthy choices simple and doable for busy women who want to take the best care of themselves and their families.  I make it easy because I believe that knowledge is power, but convenience is key…so I give you both!


What Makes Safer Simplified So Different?

Safer Simplified takes a holistic inside-out approach.  You won’t just learn which beauty products are safe to use. You’ll learn how to detox both your bathroom and kitchen, so everything you’re using in your household is truly good for you.

Health isn’t just about what we eat or how much we exercise.  It’s also essential to think about what we put on our skin—it is our largest organ after all! 

That’s why I created Safer Simplified.  No more confusion about what’s healthy and what’s not. Find answers you can trust—that’s why I’m here! I’ve already been the guinea pig, let my passion and experience help you understand what true health is, from the inside out!

Safer Simplifieda journey through your home to clean things up and simplify the process. 

“I don’t know what I’d do without Sam. Her knowledge and dedication to this area of life saves me so much time and keeps the products that surround my family safe.”
~Tabitha R.

Register now for $150

Join Safer Simplified! What Can You Expect?

  • Access to “My Favorite Products”things that actually WORK!
  • 1 hour video conference and 2-3 brief check ins per week
  • Why switching to safer is important for the whole family
  • How to live better without giving anything up (and maybe even gaining some time for yourself!)
  • Tips and tricks for better nutrition without being overwhelmed
  • Meal planning for real families
  • Direct access to me for all your questions and answers
  • Community group for accountability and support

But it’s so much more than that!  You’ll also experience:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased Happiness
  • More Confidence
  • Less Overwhelm
  • Better Health, Inside and Out

Sounds pretty good, right?  And you can get it all in just one program!

“One of the hardest parts about trying to live a healthier, cleaner, lifestyle is the fear of failure—fret no more—Sam’s got your back. She’s failed for us and it’s absolutely amazing that we don’t have to worry about it!”
~Morgan P.


What’s My Investment?

How much are bargain beauty brands really costing you?  It could be much more than the price tag lets on. How much are the wrong foods costing you?  It could be much more than the receipt says. Continuing on your current course could be costing you a lot.  It could be costing you your health.

Safer Simplified Coming Soon!

Register now for $150

If It Doesn’t Work, Safer Doesn’t Matter!

Safer Simplified is for:

>> Busy women who want the best for their families (and themselves!)

>> Anyone who is exhausted and overwhelmed by where to begin with healthier living

>> Anyone who has been duped by crafty marketing and gimmicks in the “all natural” arena

>> Anyone who has tried one “all natural” deodorant that didn’t work and threw in the towel

>> Anyone tired of healthy recipes so involved you’re paralyzed into doing nothing at all

>> Anyone who wants to keep toxic chemicals out of their home, but doesn’t know what or why

>> Anyone ready to make simple but important changes for the betterment of your health

Does this describe you? Are you ready for something different?  Something better?

Fast Cheap and Easy—We Got Just What We Asked For

How Safer Simplified Works

Step 1: Purchase Safer Simplified for $150.

Step 2: Join the Safer Simplified community group for accountability and support.
Step 3: Begin Safer Simplified on the start date.

Step 4: Commit to the program nutrition guidelines and beauty recommendations.
Step 5: Transform your life from the inside out.