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Get Ready Quick | 7 Simple Steps in 5 Minutes or Less | Everyday Makeup

I have women tell me all the time “you always look super polished and put together”. HA! Do I have them fooled. I simply use a few quick and easy tips and tricks to throw myself together in about 5 minutes.

Here’s what I do:

First, I know you’re going to hate me for saying this, but everything starts with great skin! I struggled with horrible acne for YEARS, so I understand how discouraging it can be when your skin doesn’t look great. With that said, this resurfacing peel has been a game changer in helping even out my complexion. And if you need any further skin care suggestions, shoot me a message! But one of the ways I cut time in my routine is by NOT applying foundation.

Next up, brows! Great brows help define your face. It’s like putting a frame around a great picture. I love this brow pencil. It’s easy to control, you really can’t mess up, and it lasts forever!

Then comes the biggest struggle for most women: the under eye area! I cannot emphasizes enough the importance of finding a great eye cream—I use this one! But find something that hydrates and has anti aging properties to keep those eyes looking fresh. Then in the day, I use this concealer pen (light in the winter, medium 1 in the summer) to help brighten my under eye area.

Bonus tip: add a little dab to the inner corners of your eyes for extra brightness.

Next Step: Bronzer & Blush. In this video I’m using a limited edition palette from Beautycounter (whomp, whomp!) but this blush in “Nectar” is almost an exact match, and this bronzer in “Surf” will more than do the job.

Bonus tip: Use a great angled brush for applying both blush and bronzer! I love the precision I get with a smaller, more contoured brush, like this one.

All “Eyes” on You! And in the day I like to keep it really simple. Again, in the video I’m using a sold out limited edition palette, but this one should give you all the same options. I go for a neutral all over color on my entire lid. Then I use a dark brown to line the bottom and top…easy peasy!

Bonus tip: for small eyes, only line half way on the bottom. And for extra brightness, dab the lightest shade in your palette to the inner corners of your eyes.

We’re almost done! This finishing powder is a game changer! I apply it under my eyes and to my brow bone in addition to putting it all over. It sets the eye area so your mascara doesn’t run (bye bye raccoon eyes!) and if you have oily skin (like me!) it helps keep shine at bay. It’s one of my must have products!

Next step is obvious: I can’t live without mascara! I spend a good amount of time really building up the base of the lashes for extra volume and make sure I fan it out all the way to the tips. I love the va-va-voom I get from this mascara in just a few short strokes.

And last but certainly not least: lip gloss! My mama always said “there’s nothing a little lip gloss can’t fix” and I’m doing my part to spread her wisdom near and far (HA!). I love this lip gloss because it’s super hydrating without being overly sticky, and the colors pack a good amount of punch too. I’m using “Dahlia” in this video.

And that’s all she wrote, my friends! Just a few easy steps to get a fresh face and polished look so you can fool all of your friends, too!

Have questions? Use the comments section and I’m happy to help a sista’ out!

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