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Natural Deodorant Review: The Takesumi Detox v. PiperWai Stick Deodorant

PiperWai vs. Takesumi Detox: Natural Deodorant Product Review

One Activated Charcoal Deodorant to Rule Them All? Let’s discuss!

PiperWai was the first deodorant that I used that contained activated charcoal. If you have seen any of my other videos you know I’m a purely “stick” deodorant kind of gal…I refuse to rub my fingers all up in my pits…that’s just me…but here’s the thing. I didn’t give the brand a whirl until they rolled out their stick version and while it was pretty legit, I didn’t like the consistency of the stick (it was too dry) so I moved on to find another.

Mid summer—and after receiving customer feedback about the problem—PiperWai reformulated the stick and while I was in the thick of other products, I knew I wanted to give it a second chance.

Now really quickly, I have long touted PiperWai as baking soda free, and I feel pretty silly sharing this with you guys, but vulnerability and transparency are THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME IN THE WORK I DO! so I have to admit I didn’t realize until reading the label this go round that it actually DOES contain sodium bicarbonate AKA baking soda!! Woah! Mind blown! It’s apparently a super low dose, because the gal who invented the product actually had trouble using other baking soda based non-toxic deodorants, but I feel like I really need to make sure I’m spreading correct information. So far I honestly haven’t noticed a reaction to the product and this is the third stick I’ve purchased, so I think they’re onto something good.

I’m very pleased also to report that the new stick glides on smooth as butta’ and it works just the way I remembered it working. It’s like sitting down for coffee with an old friend.

Now Let’s Talk ‘The Takesumi Detox’

I stumbled across this one on Instagram and with my weird love for all things activated charcoal, I knew I had to give it a whirl. Everything I read said I would experience—as the name says—a detox phase with this product. And I’m not certain if it’s because I had already been using clean products for my armpits or what the scoop was, but I never experienced a “smelly stage”. I’m not gonna lie when I got this stick in the mail, I thought my constant search for a non-toxic deodorant had finally ended.

Both PiperWai and Takesumi Detox are rockin’ brands in the safer sphere. But this is a head to head challenge so let’s set up some parameters on which we can break down this comparison.

Here’s how we’re judging things:

  • Scent
  • Convenience
  • Longevity
  • Stank Control

Let’s do it!

First Feature: Scent—How do the products smell?

PiperWai has a very gender neutral scent. I’d say the primary scent I get after applying it is lemony—that’s probably due to the lemongrass in the essential oil mixture.

Takesumi Detox on the other hand has some more “feminine scent” options available which actually really appealed to me. I tried the juicy bamboo and the smell is really fresh and citrusy. It wasn’t all “teeny bopper” which I was a bit afraid of at first, just fresh and clean. I have yet to try any of their other scents, but I would probably give the cold pressed rose a go next.

Winner in the scent department? Takesumi Detox for sure. I definitely don’t mind the PiperWai, but I love smelling a little more “feminine” if I’m being real honest here (which I am obvi!)

Next Up: Convenience

Both products come in a stick form. And since reformulating PiperWai’s stick glides on just as nicely as Takesumi. They come in the exact same style of canister, you simply twist the base and keep applying.

Winner in convenience: It’s a true tie! Both products are great!

Followed By: Longevity—How Long Does it Last?

I purchased PiperWai pre “reformulation” twice and both times the sticks seemed to last around 3 months. When you compare the cost to longevity, PiperWai is a great price. I assumed I would experience the same with Takesumi. But sadly, I was only at about the 6-8 week mark before the remaining product kind of popped free from the applicator base and fell on my floor one sad morning. I was definitely bummed because up until that point Takesumi has me converted 100%. Given the price point and the lack of longevity, I think I would have to give the product another try to give it a truly fair analysis in this department, but it’s definitely cause for pause.

Winner in Longevity PiperWai…a girls gotta get the most bang for her buck, am I right or am I right?

Last and Most Important of All: Stank Control

Let’s break this into two categories:

  • First, reapplication necessity
  • Second, workout stank control

As far as reapplication goes, I’ve shared before in my videos that I’m the sweaty kid.  I look at anything that makes me anxious and my armpits start warming up. I hate this, but I’ve come to terms with the fact it’s just how the good lord made me, folks. Anywho, I can absolutely make it the entire day with one application of PiperWai and stay stank free. If I am going anywhere in the evening, I’m likely to hit myself with a “refresh” because who doesn’t do that? But it’s safe to say you can go confidently out into the world sunup to sundown. What about Takesumi you ask? Samesies. These two products are AMAZING! And are honestly two of my front runners in the non-toxic deodorant department.

What about workouts? I workout at home first thing in the morning I’m a “roll out of bed, toss your clothes and shoes on and get ‘er done”. There’s no “fix myself up” before getting the morning going and if you’re picking up what I’m putting down, I do NOT apply deodorant before my morning workout. This could be dangerous business depending on what product you’re using friends. I’ve used my fair share of products that have left me smelling myself mid workout and thinking THANK GOD I’M NOT IN PUBLIC—this naturally happens to me when I consider how I look working out too, hence the at home workouts, but I digress—both PiperWai and Takesumi Detox make it possible for me to wear not only sunup to sundown but then again through early morning workout. I’m obviously a little smelly after the workout, but I think this should be a really comforting story for anyone genuinely concerned about being smelly using a non-toxic deodorant.

So last category…winner in “Stank Control”? I’m calling this one a toss up too, friends! Both are real winners!

So Quick Recap!

  • Winner for Scent—Takesumi Detox
  • Winner for Convenience—We have a tie!
  • Winner for Longevity—I have to give the gold to PiperWai for now. I’ll update this information when I try Takesumi again and HOPEFULLY get a longer shelf life out of ‘er.
  • Winner for Stank Control—The most important factor of all in my humble opinion—a true tie!

So really it’s up to you, are you gonna pick scent or are you gonna pick longevity?

I’d love to hear from you guys. Which brand have you used? Did you like one more than the other? Both brands are available via Amazon Prime so you can get ‘em to your door in no time at all.

Thanks so much for checking things out! Make sure you’re subscribed or following on social media for more helpful reviews just like this one and have a beautiful day!

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    November 29, 2017 at 10:15 am

    Thanks Sammy! I’m buying some PiperWai right now!

    • Reply
      Samantha Franzen
      November 29, 2017 at 5:08 pm

      Woo hoo! So glad you’re giving ‘er a whirl. Let me know what you think! xo

  • Reply
    Shannon Klingman
    December 13, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    HI Samantha! If you think sun up to sun down is awesome, you should give Lume Deodorant a try! It has clinically proven 48hr odor control and it’s aluminum free, fragrance oil free, baking soda free and doesn’t leave a residue behind on your skin or clothing! You should give it a try (and you can use it anywhere on your body). Natural doesn’t mean compromise anymore.

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