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Something New Is Coming from Decidedly So

Last time I hopped on here I teased about something exciting happening with Decidedly So, so I wanted to take a quick opportunity to hop on and share some of the deets.

You might have noticed a different tone in my last video. For the past year plus I’ve been talking know better do better. And while that is incredibly important in this process, I’m coming to realize something about myself and the women I’m working with.

Knowledge is power, but convenience is key for all of us.

Our time is our most valuable resource and when we’re running our homes, our businesses, our marriages, and our friendships all while running our kids from here to Guam for school and activities. The thought of making changes in our lifestyle–even if they’re for the betterment of our family–can feel super overwhelming, or like something I’ll get to eventually. One of the biggest stumbling points all of us–myself included–have when switching to a healthier lifestyle is the rabbit hole you can fall into when you start wading into this “healthier lifestyle”. It’s your food, and your products, and your medicine, and the “List goes on and on and on and on and” it’s SUPER overwhelming!

So I’ve taken the wealth of knowledge I’ve accumulated over the past almost decade of my own health and wellness journey, and I’ve compiled it into an online course. A kind of community where I can help walk individuals down this path without the pitfalls of crafty marketing and deceptive brands, the small fortune that goes along with testing what works and what doesn’t, and without ONE SINGLE DIY! “You’re welcome!”

My goal is to make this process of living a healthier lifestyle a whole heck of a lot easier!

So that’s exactly what you can expect! A journey through your home learning about environmental toxins key ingredients to look for that are detrimental to your family’s health. Lists of non toxic products for your whole home that ACTUALLY WORK. We’re talking food and grocery lists and recipes that are simple but healthy and keep you from the overwhelm that comes when you think about the recipes you’ve pinned that are so involved you know you’ll NEVER actually make them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In addition all of those things, we’re going to address living an empowered and joyful life where you’re equipped to share this seriously important information with others in a way that doesn’t make you sound like a pretentious a-hole. Because I don’t believe anyone is a “bad parent” but that we’re all just operating with the best tools we have available to us. And sometimes our user manual needs an update. Know better, do better at it’s finest, folks!

So who is this community going to be for? Anybody who is exhausted or overwhelmed by the amount if information you have to dig through when converting to a healthier lifestyle. Anyone who has tried to wade in and maybe pulled the trigger on something like an  “all natural” deodorant and quit after one day because your armpits were stank-ville-USA. Anyone who is seriously concerned about the health and wellbeing of their children and the insane number of non-communicable diseases we’re seeing plague our children’s generation—ADD, ADHD, Asthma, Autism—environmental toxins are absolutely playing a roll! Anyone thinking about starting a family or struggling through infertility, or autoimmune challenges. Environmental toxins are an important factor you MUST BE paying attention to!

I’m a solutions based individual, folks. So don’t expect to come into this process without your sleeves rolled up fully prepared to make some real and lasting changes that will not only reduce your environmental exposures, but that will ultimately lead to a happier, healthier existence for your entire family. And it will all be done with love and an understanding that this process is all about progress and NOT perfection.

So, if this sounds right up your alley, or you were just chatting with your BFF the other day about how you wanted to clean up your home, click this link to sign up for first access or leave a comment saying “I want to know more!”.

I’d also love to hear, what would be MOST HELPFUL for you to learn. What’s the area where you’re struggling most? Drop those things in the comments below my friends and make sure you’re following along on social media so you’re in the loop.

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