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Surprising Thing You Should be Checking in Your Hotel Room It Might be Detrimental to Your Health!

Today I wanted to hop on here and talk to you about the #1 thing you should be checking in your hotel room that might be detrimental to your health. And this one is probably going to surprise you guys because it’s not something you’re probably expecting.

So we were traveling this past weekend and any time we stay at a hotel I without fail check this one thing. No I don’t take a black light to my sheets and pillowcases…that one is a little more up my husbands alley than it is mine. But does anyone wanna take any guesses?

Whenever we stay in a hotel room I have this weird thing for reading the labels of the cute little baby toiletries that get left for guests. Now I want to know, how many of you LOOOOOVVVEEEEE taking these little cuties home? We all know football player Clay Matthews does, because who didn’t see that State Farm commercial with him and Aaron Rodgers this football season? I like singing Nelly Furtado at the top of my lungs too, friends. I’m admittedly a bad neighbor!

Typically the bathroom is the first stop I make when staying in any hotel because it’s likely I haven’t emptied my bladder in lord knows how long, because traveling with kids ain’t easy, and “LET’S JUST GET THERE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” Anyway, I like to swoop up the cute little bottles and give ‘em a once over and then go all inspector gadget. And every single time I am absolutely disturbed and angry.

Here’s why: these cute little adorable well intended convenience makers are full of garbage ingredients. And a lot of times they’re packaged and branded in a way that makes them look super zen with words like “natural” and “eco” and “essential”. It makes this whole process really freakin’ confusing because unless you’re a big weirdo like me, you take that tiny shampoo at face value and air-five the housekeeping staff for hooking you up.

WRONG! On our latest stay the tiny shampoo’s first four ingredients contained 3 known or potential carcinogens—that’s cancer causing agents—and the only good guy was WATER. The brand was “Ecossential Elements” and it had a beautiful green leaf. They highlight that it’s “Enriched with Organic Aloe Vera” which is half way down the ingredient list and promptly followed by a preservative that is a known formaldehyde releaser. But thank GOODNESS it’s cruelty free and carbon neutral.

Quick side note, I’m always so thankful that companies don’t test on animals, but have you paused to consider WHO is the new test subject?

Now I know you might be saying we don’t travel often and we might only use this one time in the hotel. And I actually would agree with you. If you forgot to bring your toiletries you’re gonna be the smelly kid or you’re gonna use the hotel soap, opt for the hotel soap. But the real challenge here is this same kind of deceptive branding and dangerous use of toxic chemical ingredients doesn’t end in your hotel room. It’s all up in your bathroom at home, too. And unless you know WHAT to look for, you’re likely allowing the same junk into your daily routine.

Let’s get crystal clear, I don’t share this to scare you. Scare tactics are rude! I share it because I didn’t used to know these things. And I went through some really hard life experiences that ultimately lead me to this greater understanding. So now, I work to share this information in order to spare other women these same hardships and pitfalls.

How am I doing this? I have created an online course and community called Safer Simplified it’s a four week course that walks women through the quick and dirty on healthier living for the whole family. And one of the weeks focuses on personal care products and equips women with tips, tricks, and tools, so that when they see sodium laureth sulfate on the product label they know “RUNNNNN!!” This process can be overwhelming. It can be full of pitfalls that make you throw up your hands and want to throw in the towel, and so I’m working to make it a whole heck of a lot easier.

So if you didn’t know that there are ingredients in your products that are detrimental to your health, this course is for you. Or if you thought because you were buying things labeled “Cruelty Free” you were in the clear, this course is for you. We’re launching round one in the coming weeks and if you want to know what you’re looking for and why it matters, this course is for you.

You can find all the details and sign up using this link. And I want to know, how many of you hoard the cute little baby toiletries? And if you have one, I wanna see the label because that’s why I bring them home!

Thanks for tuning in you guys, if you found this information helpful or surprising and you know someone who could benefit from it, please share. I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day and I look forward to connecting with you all again soon!

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