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The #1 Product You Need to Stop Using Right Now

As you all know we’ve been focusing this month on “Breast Cancer Prevention” over “Awareness” We’ve done some fun things so far, if you missed any of them make sure you peek back through previous videos. But today we’re talking about the #1 product you need to kick to the curb to prevent or decrease your risk of developing breast cancer.

Any guesses on which product it is? Antiperspirant

Now listen up! I get it…ain’t nobody got time for sweaty armpits! When I was in high school I used some bootleg prescription strength underarm something or other that one of my girlfriends got from her doctor to help stop my sweating. It burned like a mother trucker friends! And I can gurantee you it was SERIOUSLY not good for me. But I didn’t care, because pitting out is literally the pits. So understand I DO NOT share this information lightly! I’ve been there. I feel your pain.

However! There is cause for MAJOR concern when it comes to antiperspirants containing aluminum salts and the increase in diagnosis in breast cancer in the united states. And without going into too much researchy detail, Here’s a quick quote from an abstract on “aluminum and the human breast”:

“the upper outer quadrant of the breast is where there is also a disproportionately high incidence of breast cysts and breast cancer. Al has been measured in human breast tissues/fluids at higher levels than in blood, and experimental evidence suggests that at physiologically relevant concentrations, Al can adversely impact human breast epithelial cell biology.”

Now this mama ain’t no doctor! But I can deduct adverse impact on human breast cell biology is no bueno and it’s a major concern for all of us! In my previous videos we’ve discussed the fact that 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no familial link to breast cancer. So we know environmental exposures are absolutely at play!

Environmental exposures include the food we eat, the air we breathe, the products we put on our skin and a variety of other things. And the key thing for us to focus on is What CAN WE CONTROL? The air we breathe every day we can’t really control…but what products I’m going to slather under my armpits every day, I can absolutely control that. AND I am ALWAYS going to choose something safer. And if you’re someone who is looking for ways to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer, I would 10000% recommend you kick that antiperspirant to the curb!

Now I’m no alarmist and I also don’t like identifying a problem without offering solutions at the same time. So if you’re not using aluminum salts to control wetness and odor what can you use instead? There are a few key ingredients in the world of “safer” non-toxic deodorants: first are powders like baking soda and arrowroot. They do a great job of absorbing wetness, and they also help kill bacteria that causes odor. Unfortunately, I find that a LOT of people are sensitive to baking soda—me being one of them—seriously the first “natural” deodorant I tried left me with welts in my armpits and people suggesting “that’s just your body detoxing” as a solution. NO. WRONG!…it’s no joke, peeps! So if you’re just wading into the waters, start slow and if any irritation starts, stop using and reassess immediately! Option number 2 for those of us who have experienced the welts, activated charcoal is another amazing moisture and odor absorber and there are a variety of products in that department, too, though they are harder to come by and they are sometimes a little pricier than baking soda options.

So now grab a pen and piece of paper jot these options down. Some I have tried personally, some I have not, but my criteria for products are as follows: No questionable ingredients! And equally important it has to work! It’s a bonus if it looks nice (I’m so vain). And last, it has to be equally as convenient as what you’re already using—for me with deodorant this means it comes in a stick…because sticking my finger in a jar and slathering it under my armpit is just NOT something I’m interested in. If that’s not one of your personal criteria, there are several other options available to you and I can even point you toward them but here we go:

Natural Deodorants that Actually Work!

  • Native Deodorant—lots of raving fans
  • PiperWai—Check out my review here!
  • Takesumi Detox—this is one I just tried and it works great! Higher price point for sure, but works none the less.
  • Bali Secrets—great at controlling odor questionable sometimes on wetness
  • Meow Meow Tweet—baking soda an baking soda free just released a stick and I’m beyond excited to check it out!

And now I’ll bid thee ado with this final thought because I think it’s really important to remember! We’re aiming for progress NOT perfection so I absolutely understand there MIGHT be occasions in life where you need that Secret Clinical Strength and I’m not gonna judge you—there’s a reason I wear black any time I’m in a high stress, high energy situation…I have hyper active sweat glands in my armpits and apparently it’s just the way the good lord made me, folks. So I get that the struggle is real. But when it comes to your day to day deodorant please consider switching to something that is safer and better for you, that will ultimately help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

As I always say: Know Better, Do Better, so now that you know better, go check out one of the alternatives I mentioned. And let me know in the comments if you’re using something different that you absolutely love! I’m always on the hunt for a deo for my BO to review. And last, but certainly not least, if you find this information helpful, share it with someone you love and make sure you’re following me Decidedly So on your social media platforms for more helpful information just like this.  Thanks so much for tuning in and have a beautiful day! Take care!

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