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I Want to Know More About the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®

I keep getting asked the same question when I share my transformation pictures on social media. People keep asking “can you tell me more about the program you’re doing?” So it’s time for a little further explanation.

So What is This Program All About?

First things first, this is not a program you’ve ever seen before. It’s called the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® and it was developed by an amazing woman who has used it with her own clients for a little over two years, though she’s been a personal trainer for over a decade. She’s passionate about spreading a mission of empowerment among women so they can become the best versions of themselves and give back to their communities. So she decided to use word of mouth, and other certified coaches to spread the mission. So here I am!

This is NOT about pills, powders, or potions, you guys!

I love that one of my current clients says “you’re teaching us to fish!” We’re not just giving you a quick fix, because time after time, those quick fixes are not sustainable and they do not last. 

This is also NOT about giving up everything you love.

I eat yummy chocolate croissants, pizza, and still enjoy adult beverages.

This is about nutrition

Learning what to eat, when to eat, how to eat. 

It’s truly the foundation of this program. We implement intermittent fasting and build up to a 16 hour fast 8 hour eating window. Most of the fasting is done when you’re asleep. Making moves in your sleep, is there anything better? We also carb cycle and encourage a healthy consumption of complex carbs. 

This is about rest

So many women are suffering from adrenal fatigue and thyroid imbalances from living stressful demanding lives, we’re teaching you to rest and recover and sleep. And if you’re only focusing on the first two steps in the beginning, we’re celebrating right alongside you. Decreasing cortisol levels and allowing your body to rest is one of the best ways you can help it burn fat. 

This is about moving your body

whether you’re a beginner and you’ve never done any exercise, or you’ve been around the block in exercise land. 

There is also an online portal with daily workouts for 6 weeks. There is a beginner, an at home, and a gym version each day, so the program meets you wherever you are and allows room for “bumping up” your intensity as you move along. The workouts vary daily, but end up being the same cycle every week. Monday is a HIIT or Tabata workout, Tuesday is a sprint day (I do them on my stationary bike because this mama ain’t no runner!), Wednesday & Thursday are strength training days—we’re liftin’ those weights, we rest Friday & Sunday, and Saturday is a booty bustin’ leg day! I love that there is so much variety because I feel like I get bored easily. 

How long did it take me to see results? 

I did my first round of the program starting in May and I’ve seriously never been in better shape in my life. I didn’t even know I had abs. In the program we say it takes 6-8 weeks for you to really notice the changes, though many of my gals are feeling the changes already and we’re in week 4. And it can take up to 12 weeks for others to notice your changes. 

Remember I started with the fact that this isn’t a quick fix? Transformation, self love, all of those things take time to learn, and once you’ve learned how to live a life of greater health and wellness, your chances of sustaining those changes are insanely high. 

How do you run the groups?

We run the programs via a Facebook group and the community and accountability is my absolute favorite part. Plus we have weekly prizes that make things super fun! The gals I have in this first round are absolutely AMAZING and keep knocking my socks off with the ways they encourage and support one another. 

Last, we’re all about extending grace to one another and emphasize progress over perfection. Forward is forward, no matter how slowly you’re moving there.

If there’s something I’ve missed that you’re dying to know about the program, drop it in the comments. Guaranteed, someone else is wondering the same thing. You can also send me a private message if that feels less intimidating. 

Wanna get going? 

Sign up for the  next round! I only allow 10-15 new clients each round, and the spots fly!!

Not quite sure? 

I feel you, let’s talk it out, sista! Use this contact form and we can schedule a no strings attached free 30 minute consult. I’ll answer all your questions, and we’ll probably become fast friends! 

Stop waiting for “the right time” to start your wellness journey. The most important gift you can give to your family is caring for yourself.

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