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What the Heck is an Environmental Toxin?!

Environmental toxins. I’m guilty of using this term far too often and forgetting that some people don’t really understand what it means! So today I wanted to further explain and help you better understand!

What is an environmental toxin?

When I first heard this term used I remember thinking “like captain planet?”. We hear so much about the BIG environment—our lakes, our rivers, our oceans, our streams—but we don’t always talk about our BUILT environment—our food our air our water our bodies. For some of us there’s almost this disassociation between ourselves and the word environment, but it’s all ONE. And I really want to help people stop just thinking about the BIG environment…maybe STOP isn’t the right word here…I want you to START thinking of yourself as a HUGE part OF the environment. Where are my Bio Dome fans “Stop thinking globally and start thinking LOCALLY” But in all seriousness, you are an environment. And there is no more perfect example of this than pregnant women. We are the first environment for our children.

When we think of things this way, it makes my use of “environmental toxins” hit a little closer to home. We’re talking about things that are toxic to YOU and your family. And sadly we all have a lot more exposures than we know.

There are over 80,000 chemical ingredients registered with the EPA. Now let me clearly state that I do not believe all chemicals are bad. But we are all being exposed to TOXIC chemicals on a daily basis. And few of those 80,000 have ever been screened for human safety.

I think many of us assume the chemical industry is being regulated by SOMEONE but the reality of the matter is that our “alphabet agencies” have very little power to regulate what shows up on the shelves of our local stores. In fact when it comes to your personal care products, the FDA has ZERO authority to recall a product from market even if it’s been proven unsafe for consumer use.

Non-communicable disease on the rise in the United States. We all know someone affected by  cancer, auto immune disease, learning disabilities or infertility, just to name a few. We have to start looking for SOLUTIONS. And one of the biggest culprits is the slew of toxic chemicals that are making their way into your home via your food, your water, and your products.

So what does that mean for busy mama’s?

The burden falls directly on YOUR shoulders. Women are the primary purchasers for their households. We have to know what to avoid, and why, for the safety of ourselves and our families. And it’s exactly why this process of living a healthier lifestyle can be SO infuriating. We’re already strapped for time and then some gal named Sam comes along and tells you “hey, you’ve got lots of toxic exposures happening up in your hizzle” and you’re like “ugh! How am I supposed to take the time to figure out what’s good and what’s not for my family?”

But the beautiful thing is that I’ve made it my goal to be a solutions based kind of gal in this world that can feel a bit doom and gloom. Because I remember the first time I read that environmental toxins in the form of endocrine disrupting chemicals are playing a roll in the development of endometriosis in women and it felt like someone straight up punched in the ovaries. I nearly lost the ability to carry my own children at 19 when a complete hysterectomy was the only feasible solution to my chronic pain. And the fact that I’d been unknowingly but willingly allowing environmental toxins into my daily rituals when I ate, when I showered, when I climbed into my bed at night, inspired a passion for and a responsibility to share this information with others.

What I’ve done is create a community to support women in this process toward safer living for their families. I’ve created a 30 day course called “Safer Simplified: Healthier Living for the Whole Family” where we’ll be identifying environmental toxins in your home and giving you solutions for cleaning things up, From your kitchen to your bathroom and everywhere in between. The health and well-being of our families depends on these small changes we can make that ultimately have a big impact.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling like “living a healthier lifestyle should be a heck of a lot easier” you’re going to want to join me for round one of our course which I’m offering at a discounted rate of $150 and kicking off in April. I would love to have you join me as I work to empower and inspire women to make safer choices for their families.

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